Install Lattice Diamond on Linux

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Install Lattice Diamond on Linux

Do you have troubles with segmentation faults using Diamond on your Linux computer? Lattice is providing a Linux installation for Diamond here .

Starting Diamond in the console I saw following output when starting various tools like "Spreadsheet View" or "Package View":

$ diamond
Use of deprecated SAXv1 function comment
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Fedora link symbol

To get Diamond running on Fedora (tested on Fedora 39) use libxml2 in version 2.10.4:

$ git clone
$ cd libxml2
$ git checkout v2.10.4
$ ./
$ ./make
$ sudo make install

The libary will be installed in /usr/local/lib (at least here on Fedora 39).

Now add the path to /usr/local/lib in two instances in the environment script for diamond (under /usr/local/diamond/3.13/bin/lin64/diamond_env for version 3.13):

#setup library path
if test -z "$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"; then