Günther Jena

Foto Günther Jena (Jehle)

My name is Günther Jena and I'm from Kappl in Austria. I'm living and working in Rankweil. Before my wedding my name was Günther Jehle and Jena is the concatenation of my former name "Jehle" and the former name of my wife "Nagel".

I'm working as a software and electronics developer at Spectra Physics and I'm teaching at the polytechnical school HTL Rankweil.

My interests are software development and electronics. With this website I want to share my projects and use the blog as public notepad.


E-Mail: guenther@jena.at
GnuPG Key: ADD6 34D7 ADE7 72D2 B2D1 A3D0 03B8 2F59 6F67 72C2

LinkedIn: Günther Jena
Github: Semiversus
Stack-Overflow: Günther Jena